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ESRGoView can be run as a module within ESRPayView or as a stand-alone system with no limit on the number of users within your Trust.

Import your ESR Generic Outbound Interface files as soon as they become available or select multiple files to import when the time suits you.

If you know whose details you wish to view then enter partial name of employee number and go straight to their GO details screen. If the person has been included on multiple Full downloads and/or Change files from the GO interface you will see a list of AsAt dates. By default you will see their most recent details however by clicking on an earlier AsAt date you can view their details for an earlier date.

The GO Report allows you to find lists of staff using multiple selection criteria and any combination of:

  • Assignment Status
  • Organisation
  • Assignment Location
  • Employee Category
  • Employee Status
  • Grade
  • Job Role
  • Assignment Category
  • Occupation Code
  • Job Name
  • Hire and Termination Dates
  • Assignment Start and End Dates
  • Full or partial home postcode to find staff living nearby

Having chosen your selection criteria, in addition to the above data fields you can then select further Employee and Assignment information to include in your report simply by the click of a mouse (for a list of display columns please see the overview document below) and within a few seconds you have your report.

You may then copy and paste your report from ESRGoView into other systems such as Excel or Word. If you've included home address in your output fields mailmerge has never been so simple.

Either report on up-to-date information or select and display details As At an earlier date. You can even select staff based on their assignment details last year but report current employee details (eg select all staff in a specific role 12 months ago but display their current home address and contact details).

To open our pdf overview document please click on the link below:

If you would to see the system please email us at to arrange a suitable time for an online WebEx demonstration which will take just a few mintues.