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Search through the list for the report you would like then click download. Unzip the file to your local PC then use the dropdown menu options in the user-defined reports screen within ESRPayView to add the report to your system.

Please view ESRPayView Report Library.pdf for full report descriptions.

  • P11D Payroll Benefits report for 5579 elements for financial year. Download (8th May 2017)
  • New Pay Elements imported for the first time since a specific date. Download (3rd May 2015)
  • Estimate of Ers NI following April 2016 Contracted Out Changes. Download (6th March 2014)
  • Minimum Wage Salary Sacrifice Check. Download (28th October 2013)
  • Staff with multiple PT Posts, no FT Post and are not pensioned on 1 or more posts. To be used by Trusts operating Single Employee Relationship for auto enrolment. There are two versions of this report. The first can be run for a specific pay period (weekly or monthly) Download and the second can be run for a requested month and will include all corresponding weeks Download Please look at instructions in ESRPayView Report Library.pdf for creating TickBox data field in ESRPayView to ignore staff already identified as non pension (28th August 2013)
  • Nest Eligible Staff. Displays Nest Pensionable Pay for staff meeting the criteria in Pension Report 1 below. Download (14th June 2013)
  • Nest Contributions. Download (14th May 2013)
  • Pension Report 2: NOT 'A,B,C,J staff not paying into pension' for yrs ending March YYYY and after. Download (12th March 2013)
  • Pension Report 1: A,B,C,J rated staff not paying into pension for yrs ending March YYYY and after. Download (6th March 2013)
  • Staff with Gross Pay greater than £100K. Download (6th March 2013)
  • Average Pensionable Pay by Employee. Download (3rd October 2012)
  • Average Pensionable Pay by Assignment. Download (3rd October 2012)
  • Pension % Report. Download (3rd October 2012)
  • Invalid Cost Codes for Period. Download (14th May 2012)
  • A Rated Pensionable Pay. Download (17th January 2012)
  • Check for Excess Pensioned Hours. Download (8th March 2011)
  • Pension Changes. Download (26th October 2010)
  • Mileage Claimed During Specified Tax Year by Assignment. Download (29th June 2010)
  • Mileage Claimed During Specified Tax Year by Person. Download (15th June 2010)
  • Payroll Exception Audit Report. Download (7th May 2010)
  • Employee Gross Pay Report for a specified Pay Frequency and Range of Periods. Download (25th March 2010)
  • Detailed Gross Pay Report. Download (11th March 2010)
  • Cost of Living Payments for Contracted to Over 32 Hours per week for a Specified Pay Period. Download
  • Staff Earning Over a Specified Amount within a Specific Tax Year. Download
  • Car Permit Amounts for Staff with a Specified Grade. Download
  • Budget Report for a Specified Pay Type and Pay Period. Download
  • Assignments with a Last Paid Date between 2 Specified Dates. Download