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There are two main screens in the Bank Staff Booking System which can be used to manage shift details and staff details. Users are able to switch between screens at will.

Operators are able to maintain basic, employment, training, registration, skill and preference data relating to bank staff together with their availability, holidays and sick days through a combination of standard fields and user-defined fields.

Shifts can be registered for individual wards and departments specifying dates, times, grades/bands, skills and preferred staff.

When filling a shift the system lists suitable staff for each shift based on the following search criteria:

  • Grade/Band
  • Skills
  • Wards lists of preferred staff
  • Staffs lists of preferred wards
  • Location Preferences
  • Specific checks (eg Police, Manual Handling)
  • Availability

Operators can include or exclude one or more of the selection criteria to modify the list of staff found to fill the shift. If unable to fill a shift operators can register the booking of agency staff.

At a glance operators can easily identify shifts where wards or bank staff have not been informed of any changes to the shift. Wards can automatically be informed of all changes to their shifts by email.

New staff details or changes to current staff can either be entered manually or received as weekly updates from ESR.

Once shifts have been worked, operators can confirm basic and enhanced hours ready for feeding the data into payroll using the standard Web ADI within ESR. The system will default the hours worked according to normal Whitley rules which operators can override as necessary. Reporting in the system is very comprehensive and is provided through a combination of standard reports and user-defined reports. The latter allows an unlimited number of reports to be added to the system with help from the Meantime Support Desk if necessary.

If you would like an online demonstration or site visit please contact us by email at or call us on 01454 612332. Alternatively click on the following to watch a Windows Media Video of the system:

Product Overview (4min 42s)

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